I spent last week in Ireland. The main purpose of my visit was to attend the annual conference of the Occupational Hygiene Society of Ireland in Portlaoise. The theme of the Conference was “How well do we communicate” and one of the highlights was the talk by Fergus McAuliffe, an Environmental Scientist from University College Cork.Fergus won the International “Fame Lab” competition last year and was a speaker at the TEDX Ireland conference in Dublin.



His talk was about communicating science, with particular reference to presentations. The key points were :


  • Don’t try to cover too much
  • Use appropriate language for the target audience – “word down” (i.e. use simple language)
  • Use a logical structure
  • Use Powerpoint wisely – concentrate on good quality visuals
  • Deliver with passion – people remember what they feel


There was some overlap with my own presentation on “Presentation Design” but I’m glad to say that both of us were “singing from the same hymn sheet” and delivered consistent messages

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